Tried It – Loved It: Easy Chicken Pot Pie Puffs

These simple little comfort food puffs turned out a lot better than expected. I don’t have a step-by-step tutorial, again, but it’s not really needed. A lot of the recipes I’ll be trying from Pinterest over the next…well…forever, will be easy, because I don’t like complicated. I miss steps when stuff is complicated. I miss steps when things are easy (as you’ll find out here.) The fewer steps to miss, the better. Also, I have a bad habit of not even thinking about starting dinner until we’re all hangry, and it’s best to go with quick in that case.

According to the original pin on Pinterest, they should look something like this:


For 8 little puffs you’ll need:

  • 1 can of biscuits – I used Grands. You could probably also just make your own, but if we’re going quick & dirty, why?
  • 1 can of condensed cream of chicken soup (10 3/4 oz),
  • 1 cup of cooked dice chicken
  • 2 cups of frozen veggies, thawed, your choice. I used broccoli florets & carrots, but anything little works. 

I don’t know how you flavor your chicken but I used salt & pepper, and a dash of ground thyme.

Preheat oven to 375°

Mix your chicken, veggies, and soup together in a medium sized mixing bowl. 

Press the biscuits a little flatter, into rounds, and fit into the muffin tins with about 3/4 inch rim (so you can press & seal after filling with mixture – this is the step I missed, as you can tell by the little UFO shaped muffin tops I achieved by trying to make rims myself with the 4 biscuits I had left over from using the other 4 to make 12. Don’t make the same mistake I did…making rims of your own is a pain in the ass and makes a big mess. Still delicious though.)

Use an ice cream scoop if you have one – it makes things easier – to drop mixture into the little biscuit bowls you just made, leaving that 3/4 inch rim.

Pinch the excess biscuit dough together at the top.

Cook for 20 – 22 minutes, until biscuits are golden brown.

Cool 1 minute, remove from pan (removal is a lot easier than I expected.)

Chow down!

Mine looked like this:

pot pie puffs

I’ve tried these little biscuit recipes for various things in the past, and the biscuits just never cook up right, so there’s usually like a gooey mess where any wet mixture sat while it cooked. This time, however, they were perfect. Verdict: Delish!

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